Platters:  serving with an environmental twist

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Baroque Serving Platter

Size: x-large, 14"

The "grand entrance" among the platters

Clear (shown here)
or lightly frosted

$ 85Price:

Black Spiral Serving Platter

black tinted glass
Brings out the colors of what you're serving!

14" x-large

Price: $75

12" large

$ 60Price:

Lotus Platter

Size: x-large, 14"
What an eye-catcher!

Lightly-frosted (shown here)
or clear

$ 85Price:

Spiral Serving Platter

Clear glass

Size: x-large, 14"

Price: $ 75

Size: large, 12"

$ 60Price:

Square Platter “Labyrinth”

Size: 11"
One of the favorite 'signature' pieces, always a great gift
See also "Plates" for smaller version

Clear (shown here)
or lightly-frosted

$ 65Price:

Twister Square Plate

Size: 11"
Versatile size: can be either a serving platter or formal dinner plate

Lightly frosted (shown here)
or clear

$ 65Price:

Whirlwind Serving Platter

Dramatic design brings out the natural tint of glass

Frosted (shown here), clear, or lightly-frosted

Large, 12"
Price: $70

x-large, 14"

$ 85Price:

Combine spiral dishes for versatile sets! Sizes for plates and platters:

Side Plate 8″

for small items:
dessert, sides, pastries

Dinner Plate 10″

the main plate, for
pretty much everything

Serving Platter 12″

for cakes, appetizers…
whatever needs to be served

x-large Serving Platter 14″

great for all family-style meals,
works as a party tray as well